To say that I was nervous when I was offered the role of Editor-in-chief at would be an understatement. I was petrified. Not because I didn’t have the skills or the experience, I do, but it was the feeling if I would be able to do justice to this wholesome adventure called And yet, I can’t deny that I instantly felt at home here. 

Still, I wondered how could I put my decade-long media experience to use here? I am no yogi, let me confess. I am flawed, a classic chip off the block called the human race. I am as worldly as one can get. I am not proud of that. But, here’s what I am proud of: whatever I have done, I have done it with honesty. I have mentored writers, journalists, and professionals. I have shown kindness whenever I could.

Then again, what’s someone who has partied with film stars, debated with politicians, cheered with Olympians, and sat on the first row at fashion shows, doing at a platform like
A very daunting question haunted me. I thought long and hard. And then I got tired. So I dropped the crisis. As it happens in miracle-ridden tales, the answer revealed itself to me one day., in spirit, is essentially what I have been doing all my life, in various capacities at various newspapers, TV channels, magazines, and so on. It mentors, guides, inspires, and offers an ecosystem for growth. It is a place that provides nourishment to those who have anchored themselves to this body. It nurtures the soul. It helps them grow — materialistically, spiritually, and wholesomely. It is how life ought to be lived.
It’s an adventure. It’s a safe place to be ourselves. We share our personal stories, our learnings, and we learn from each other. This is our toolshed where we come to equip ourselves to live life bravely, humanly, and contentedly. It’s where we come to grow and replenish. 
I hope to mount this adventure and guide this community towards a future where you all feel proud of creating a miracle, a space that’s warm, loving, and nurturing. A community where we can be ourselves without the fear of judgment. A platform that pays to be honest and truthful.

And I hope to live up to that lofty idyll. At os. me, we have been working hard to ensure this vision is translated into opportunities for our exclusive community (keep reading).

However, let me first answer the questions you have been meaning to ask since opening this: Yes, you still get Swamiji’s mail every other Saturday; Yes, he continues to share the ultimate truth through his writings on the schedule (1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month).  In addition, on the other two Saturdays, you’ll receive a letter from me on behalf of the editorial team, introducing you to all the exciting experiences and opportunities we are creating for you. (It’s worth your time, promise!). To begin with, we are collaborating with other platforms to showcase your writings. You are going to go places. Besides that, we will engage with notable people and community leaders. We will bring stories of resilience, hope, and life to you in the coming days. I want this to be your happy place, your home, your heart. Such is the mandate of Om Swamiji: make a place of truth and kindness, the ultimate destination of honesty and empathy.
Oh! How about I take up a few lifestyle challenges based on your posts? Let me brew this idea and serve it to you in my next mail. Meanwhile, I am super-kicked to have signed up for Walk the Dragon Program. This would be my first MBA-type course ever! (I’ll keep you posted on my progress)! 

Let’s grow together. Incredible things are going to happen. Some of you have already noticed. (Thanks, Gautam, we’re chuffed to read your praise).
Oh, also, watch out for the next letter from me in two weeks’ time. I’ll have a surprise for you.

Having said that, without you there is no You make it what it is. We all have a role to play and I hope you will support me and each other in making this the most truthful place on the internet. A place where virtues like compassion, empathy, and truth not only come alive but thrive. 

Please send your suggestions, compliments, and complaints to me. It brings me immense pleasure to hear what you want to be.  Or simply, leave your comment below.