Update 25-Dec 5:00 pm IST: We sincerely apologize for another minor change in the schedule but the next discourse will not be on 28th but 29th Dec. We have updated the announcement below as well.
Update 22-Dec 7:40 pm IST: There will be no discourses on 24-28 Dec. Instead, the event has been extended till 2nd Jan. So, there will be discourses on 29-Dec till 2-Jan. After tomorrow’s discourse, we’ll see you on 29-Dec.

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Update 2-Apr: There will be no ashram/group/public celebrations of Sri Hari consecration and therefore no broadcast on 3rd and 4th April due to COVID-19 emergency and Sec 144 implementation in Himachal Pradesh. We were informed of this by the local administration yesterday who paid us a visit. But, those members who are not based in India can now access Jeevan ek Gorakh-dhandha hai series. Details here

Many of you have been asking for it but, we just couldn’t get around to it earlier. With your support, however, our base platform is ready now. You can now watch a live broadcast of all the open ashram events and ashram meets. Right here on this platform.

The only sad part (sad for many) is that it’s not free. It can’t be because there are many costs associated. The good part is that at least it’s now available and secondly, you can get a  discount (20% for life-members and 10% for annual members). 

We have tried to keep the price as low as possible. One hour of footage will cost you roughly $4 (incl taxes) or Rs. 150 + GST. We only have the annual plan for this. Details below.

You can now purchase access to live broadcasts of the following Om Swami’s events in 2020:

  1. Feb 10 – 27 : Open Event: Discourses on Samkhya Yoga – Bhagavad Gita.
  2. Feb 29 – Mar 1: Creative Writing Event.
  3. Mar 16 – 23 : Open Event: Discourses on Bhagavad Gita. Virtual only.
  4. Mar 25 – Apr 02 : Nav Durga Sadhana Event. Virtual only.
  5. Apr 3 – 5 : Sri Hari celebrations [Cancelled]
  6. Nov 13 – 30 : Virtual Event (No discourse on 20th and 21st Nov)
  7. Dec 17 – Jan 2: Virtual Event (No discourses on 24-28 Dec)

Important Information

  • Please note that live access is available only for a period of 72 hours after the event has passed. For example, a discourse delivered on 11-Feb at 6:15 pm IST will be available for viewing until 6:14 pm, 14-Feb.
  • During the open event, Om Swami delivers a discourse from 6:15 pm – 7 pm followed by the evening Aarti. Usually, about 30 minutes of the talk is in Hindi and 15 minutes in English.
  • During Ashram Meet, in addition to the 45-min discourse in Hindi, there’s a 30-min English discourse in the morning as well.
  • Live events will always be accessible from os.me/live.

What you Get

  • In 2020, there are four open events and four ashram meets. There will be around 56 hours of discourses all up.
  • If for any reason, you can’t afford to buy live access, don’t worry, most of this content is chopped into topics and published on YouTube over a period of time (usually within 2 years).
  • Please don’t write to us for free access because we incur significant costs in hosting, streaming and organizing. We’ve priced it as low as possible.
  • If you buy access to Live Events and hold a family-lifetime-membership, you don’t need to buy access separately for each group/family member. Just write to the os.me team using the contact form and we’ll enable Live Events for everyone in your family. (Please note that this only applies to Lifetime Family members).


  • $192 for life-members, $216 for annual members, and $240 for non-members. Or, in INR, for members out of India,
  • Rs. 9,681 + 18% GST for life-members, Rs. 10,890 + GST for annual members, and Rs. 12,180 + GST for non-members. (Total cost incl of GST is shown in the payment form below).

Now, if you feel you are ready, complete the payment below for instant access.

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