Update 6-Mar-2021: Live events are free to attend & open for all now. Goto os.me/live for more details. 
Update 25-Dec-2020 5:00 pm IST: We sincerely apologize for another minor change in the schedule but the next discourse will not be on 28th but 29th Dec. We have updated the announcement below as well.
Update 22-Dec-2020 7:40 pm IST: There will be no discourses on 24-28 Dec. Instead, the event has been extended till 2nd Jan. So, there will be discourses on 29-Dec till 2-Jan. After tomorrow’s discourse, we’ll see you on 29-Dec.
Update 2-Apr-2020: There will be no ashram/group/public celebrations of Sri Hari consecration and therefore no broadcast on 3rd and 4th April due to COVID-19 emergency and Sec 144 implementation in Himachal Pradesh. We were informed of this by the local administration yesterday who paid us a visit. But, those members who are not based in India can now access Jeevan ek Gorakh-dhandha hai series. Details here.

In 2020, Live Events were offered for the first time on os.me. It was not possible to make them free because there are many costs associated. They were however made available to os.me members at a discount. 

We received a number of requests in 2020 on making it free. With the initial launch (and associated costs) behind us, in 2021 Live events have been offered for free for everyone to join. You can now watch a live broadcast of my discourses & select ashram events, right here on this platform. For more details, goto os.me/live.

Important Information

  • Live events will always be accessible from os.me/live.
  • Live Events have recurring costs. We trust you to do what’s morally and otherwise right. Hence, an option to pay whatever you like has been made available at os.me/live