Hundreds of Black Lotus users have reported a number of creative and heart-touching acts of kindness. It always leaves me with a warm feeling to see how each one is doing their bit to make our world a better place. Reading their stories and acts of kindness gives a positive rush to the brain. It means a lot to me that you have joined me on the journey of kindness. Today, I want to share with you the kindness adventures of a wonderful young boy: Krrish.

I was apprised of Krrish’s kindness acts by one of our team members back in July. At first, it felt the same as the enthusiasm of many other kindness warriors in Black Lotus. But, then there was something different about Krrish. Here he was, making sure that he performed at least one act daily and record a video and tweet. It certainly inspired me as it did many others. You can check out his Twitter feed here. 65 days in a row and counting! In a row! That’s some commitment, particularly considering we had only launched a 21-day kindness challenge. I’m very proud of you, Krrish!

Congratulations to his mother, Sonal Pareenja, too for giving such fine values and inspiration to Krrish!

Be Kind. See Kind. Do Kind. 

P.S. Krrish’s picture has been used with permission.