Swami Vedananda Om (Vidu Swami), standing to my left in the picture, and Swami Vidyananda Om (Vidya Swami), on my right, travel with me pretty much everywhere. Always accompanying me, they take care of every single need of mine so I can spend my time and energy on things that directly impact my job, so to speak. Whether I should spend an hour cooking a meal or devote that time to writing or helping people is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

In the past couple of years, I noticed that it wasn’t easy for the two Swamis to travel in dhotis and all while running around the airports with all that luggage and what have you. So, I sat down with them and asked them if they wanted to wear more comfortable clothes during my travels. After all, does donning a robe make one a monk or is it our character and demeanor? Besides, what good is my realization if my disciples are still shackled by the norms and tradition that don’t help them progress spiritually and otherwise? 

Here is another pic of our quiet arrival in Australia. 

Their new travel attire is comfy and slick. They love it, I prefer it and, hope that you like it too.