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Ekagrata — The Practice of Concentration

Is there a mantra for concentration? Can we learn how to improve focus and concentration during meditation? The post below answers these questions while delving into ekagrata, a yogic practice which teaches us how to improve concentration power, one of … Read more →

From Conversations to Concentration

To become a good meditator requires great concentration, and to become a great meditator requires supreme concentration. Concentration, especially one-pointed concentration, comes with practice. The more you practice, the crisper your concentration. Arjuna, the great archer, and warrior, from the … Read more →

Sadhana for Intuition and Wellbeing

Significance of Karthik Surya Sadhana   You can also listen to the discourse (in Hindi) on Karthik Surya Sadhana here. Beginning from Aries and ending with Pisces, there are twelve signs in the Zodiac. It takes the Sun twelve months … Read more →

51 Karma Quotes To Spiritually Uplift Your Life

Table of Content Karma quotes Relationship karma quotes Cheating karma quotes Karma liar quotes

Sanskrit Mantras and Chanting: An Overview

Table of Contents: What is a mantra? Sanskrit Mantras: The Origin The Most Common Mantras Mantras in Spirituality Digest: How to Manifest

“All I have to do is think real hard about something—and it happens. My two daughters really wanted to live in a brownstone when they were younger. But I was a second-grade teacher, so I could never afford it. One … Read more → Digest: Possible to Change the Brain?

Mind you, we are talking about the brain. And if you don’t like the one you have right now, I come bearing good news. You can change your brain. Yes! It’s incredible but absolutely doable. And I’ll show you more … Read more →

OSME Digest: Success

In 2011, a team of Harvard researchers ascertained that mindfulness meditation can alter the brain. Quality sleep, calmness and enhanced concentration are well-known exploits of meditation. That it can change the physiology of the brain is mind-blowing and backed by science.  The … Read more →

Eight Signs of Progress in Meditation

In The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, there is an interesting passage: Without our familiar props, we are faced with just ourselves, a person we do not know, an unnerving stranger with whom we have been … Read more →

OSME Digest: The Tendencies

Hey ye’ all!  How have you been?  Our weekly rendezvous fills me with a sense of weekend mirth. It is as if Sunday comes sooner. I look forward to Wednesdays now. Don’t you?  I mean there’s terrific reading material imbued … Read more →


Table of Contents History of Gayatri Mantra What is Gayatri Mantra? Meaning of Gayatri Mantra How to chant Gayatri Mantra effectively Benefits of chanting Gayatri Mantra Best time to chant Gayatri Mantra Most commonly asked questions The History of the … Read more →

10 Meditations on Making Life Meaningful

That is Olympian Vijender Singh in the header image. He is the Indian pugilist who made history. But, I’ll come to him later. First, meditation, meaning and more.   Meditation is a practice which helps us reach a higher state … Read more →

Side Effects of Meditation

I must start by thanking you. That’s because your comments to my last post made me realize that I might have caused some alarm with the number of hours I put into meditation. I might have mistakenly conveyed that without … Read more →

The Practice of Meditation

Whether you are a serious spiritual seeker wanting to learn how to meditate intensely or a curious onlooker to the practice of meditation, this post is for you. Read the four types of meditation spells, as experienced by Swamiji. Mulla … Read more →

Healing Through Forgiveness

A vast majority of the people I meet are going through one problem or another in life. At any point in time, of the ones in trouble, roughly 15% are ill (physically or mentally), 10% are undergoing a financial crunch, … Read more →