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Relationship Between Parents and Children

In this session: Overbearing parents The importance of personal space A story from the life of Stephen King When parents shout at their children Access Required Purchase this course to get full content access and progress tracking. Course Benefits Full … Read more →

Single Parents and Broken Marriages

Last month a few readers emailed me separately about a similar issue: disharmony in relationships. I’m clubbing their comments. I’ve been married for 15 years and have done everything I could but my husband still gets mad like hell. He swears … Read more → Digest: Take Inventory of Your Life

Two more days, and it is 2022! One can already smell an exciting brand new year ahead. New resolutions, new promises to stick to those, new vows… We get the drift. Before you step on the gas, hit pause. This … Read more → Digest: ‘Not Easy is Not a Good Excuse’

Ma Anand Sheela is a redoubtable stateswoman who hit international headlines with her grit, gumption and sharp tongue when she built and ran Rajneeshpuram in the US of A. I posted about my meeting with Ma Anand Sheela or Sheela … Read more → Digest: A Bit About Life

It has been a busy week for me in Delhi. Things were going back to normal, which took some adjusting. And then, smog hit! We are back in a lockdown-like situation. That has left everyone more overwhelmed and confused. First, … Read more → Digest: 12 Ways to Improve Life

This week, I learnt several ways to make life better. One of those is to stop taking things personally. Now, there are several other things that I have gathered along the way, but acting on those nuggets of wisdom is … Read more →

113 Depression Quotes To Show You the Light At the End of the Tunnel: It’s Here and Now

Table of Content Depression Quotes Depression and Anxiety Quotes Deep Depression Quotes Inspirational Quotes for Depression Digest: The Happiest Day of My Life

In the closing episode of Maid, Alex is living the happiest day of her life.  Earlier, she was seen organising a writing exercise with her therapy group where everyone was encouraged to share the happiest day of their life. If it … Read more →

Reincarnation: The Journey and Reality

Table of Contents: Introduction to Reincarnation Religion and Reincarnation Buddhism and Reincarnation The Fear of Death and Reincarnation Digest: September Musings

We started the month with the promise to make it a September to remember. And we kept our word. It has been a terrific month for and its precious members. We have upgraded a few features, our repertoire of … Read more →

Truth Be Told with Cancer Warrior Anchal Sharma

“My father-in-law beat me up so much I fainted. I told my parents I didn’t want to live like my mother nor die like my sister,” recalls Anchal Sharma, founder of Meals of Happiness and CanHeal, who shares her incredible … Read more → Digest: Writing Contests 2021

The past week gave me both anxiety and thrill. We have had a phenomenal week on Thank you for making the Write Choice Challenge a resounding success. In the past seven days, the community published about 400 posts and … Read more →


Do you ever feel that life is playing some kind of a prank on you? Strike that, actually. Life is a prank. In other words, as much as the outcome may catch you by surprise, it was supposed to be … Read more →

A Year on Platform Extraordinaire!

Congratulations, ye’ all! It has been a year since we started writing on And what a year it has been!  It started with a vision to be a place for truthfulness and kindness. Soon, the mind-blowing Karma Program that pays members … Read more →

Exciting Times Ahead!

It’s time. I am thrilled to share with you that I have an exciting opportunity for you to win free access to our popular Creative Writing course or make $50, or win a free membership to All you have … Read more →