Miracle prayer

What do you know about the power of prayer? Have you ever asked God to help you in a time of need? Have you ever experienced the miraculous power of prayer?

What is a miracle prayer?

A miracle (from the Latin mirari, to wonder), at a first and very rough approximation, is an event that is not explicable by natural causes alone. A reported miracle excites wonder because it appears to require, as its cause, something beyond the reach of human action and natural causes. Historically, the appeal to miracles has formed one of the primary lines of argument in favor of specific forms of theism, the argument typically being that the event in question can best (or can only) be explained as the act of a particular deity.

Source: Stanford Edu

Sometimes things seem impossible, but other times even the most impossible situations are conquered through simple words to the Almighty. There are those times when you feel you’re at a dead end, nothing is working for you, friends are walking away, and hope is gone. You feel like you’re in a long dark tunnel with no light at the end. This is when prayer comes in handy. Prayer can give you the strength to carry on and help transform your life into something beautiful.

Miracles happen. We have heard stories of the sick being healed, poverty being eradicated, wars ending, and all types of incredible outcomes from praying for what seemed impossible at first. Prayer is powerful because it brings us closer to God and opens our hearts and minds to His divine power. So, today, I tell you eight inspiring stories of people who desperately needed a miracle and how it eventually came true.

1. Cancer and surrender to God

It was before social media, and I had compiled an extensive email list of people around the country that we called a “prayer chain.” I ran home and emailed them, asking them to pray for her – Jesus, give her one last vacation with her family! Forty-eight hours later, the tumor shrank almost twenty percent! Read the complete story – The Power of Prayer.

Over the years, cancer has claimed the lives of many, but the power of prayer can be miraculous. This story of Lisa proves that when we put our trust in God, He will come to our aid, and miracles can and will happen. The power of prayer is so strong that it can even overcome the direst circumstances.

Lisa, the first wife to a faithful and God-fearing man, succumbed to cancer more than eighteen years ago, but her beautiful memories remain. Her dying and death process revealed the power of prayer and that God’s timing is the best.

In 2002, following a series of unsuccessful chemotherapy treatments, the medical team made it evident to her family that she would not live much longer. However, she had one dying wish, which you might be surprised that it came to happen.

Lisa has always wanted to visit Gatlinburg before she departs and spend her last Christmas with her family. Everything got arranged, and two days before leaving for the vacation, Lisa’s health worsened, making it impossible to go. When she got to the hospital, the doctor, an atheist, confirmed that the tumor in her abdomen had closed her bowels, and the condition was extreme.

The doctor advised her spouse to call the family, suggesting their faith won’t save them again. Her last chemo was to happen the next day, which the doctor strongly discouraged, but it happened. During the chemo, Lisa’s husband prayed, went home, and asked the people in the ‘Prayer chain email list’ to pray for her.

He believed in the holy name of Jesus Christ, which will come true if you ask for anything with pure intentions. After 48 hours, against all odds, her tumor shrank by twenty percent, her bowels began functioning, and the vacation went on as planned. The precious blood of Jesus helped Lisa win against the evil spirits. Lisa survived, and nine months later, her death was her healing.

This was a miracle, a prayer that was answered. Lisa is an example of how prayer can change your life and heal even in dire situations. She struggled, yes! But The Almighty God gave her enough time to fulfill her wish of visiting Gatlinburg with her family and show the power of prayer.

Read the complete story to experience

2. Miracle prayer saves the child

I strongly believe that these incidences were not just random incidents but were meant to happen to experience and change our path of spirituality. My wart, our daughter’s chewing skills, sardar uncle they all had a part to play which was meant to change our perspective towards life forever – Read the complete story of two Miracles

And they are meant to alter our lives profoundly. This was undoubtedly true for Gaurav. He experienced what most of us would term the dead end but believed in prayer. Gaurav experienced a first-hand miracle when he and his parents lost hope.

They lived in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, when he developed an ugly wart on his chin. Despite trying all sorts of remedies, the wart would not go away. Thankfully, a neighbor suggested he make a wish to Nanakmatta, a Sikh pilgrimage site, and offer to visit once he was healed. Within days the wart had vanished without leaving any marks. He was young but still understood the power of prayer.

That was not all, and there is more to learn from the life of Gaurav.

Years later, in 2015, his daughter, too, experienced a miracle. Gaurav’s daughter had difficulty chewing food, and no matter what they tried, the problem persisted. Growing increasingly desperate, Gaurav and his family decided to try and pray to Nanakmatta in the hopes that a miracle would occur. You’ll be surprised to know that within a week, she asked for pasta and started chewing, and since then, everything has worked smoothly.

These are not just coincidences but strong evidence of the power of a miracle prayer. Gaurav and his family were able to overcome difficult situations in life with the help of prayer.

3. First-hand experience with daily miracles

I turned around to have a last look at the man, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw one lady hurrying up to him and putting bills in his cup. Another lady asked him if he would like to have some water. She rushed to her car, got a bottle of water, and gave it to him.  Read the complete story – Daily Miracles.

What if I told you miracles are ordinary events that occur daily if we recognize them? What if, for the last few years, Heavenly father has been sending you daily miracles which you acknowledge as luck?

From the mundane to the extraordinary, I’ve experienced it all; however, what stands out most are the everyday life miracles. As life proves ever-changing and unpredictable, these beautiful moments of grace have taught me invaluable lessons that cannot be acquired elsewhere.

Everyday blessings remind me never to take anything for granted and instead focus on gratitude as a foundation from which joy can flourish in every area of life. This is why I highly believe in the power of doing good to others.

Here is Nikunj, a lady who highly believed in prayer. She always prayed to the savior to allow her to help someone each day. On a freezing and windy day, she was waiting for her husband to pick her up from the post office when she noticed an isolated homeless man in a wheelchair.

The man looked unfortunate; he had only a tiny cup filled with pennies. Well, sometimes life leaves people regrettably and helpless. In her impoverished state, Nikunj couldn’t purchase food with a credit card at nearby shops; all she could give was sympathy.

To Nikunj’s dismay, the man accidentally dropped his bowl, and all his coins scattered across the ground. Though she had nothing to give in return, Nikunj rushed to help the man gather each penny and fill them back into their cup. In a feeble voice, the man devoutly murmured, ‘God bless you.’

His words moved her heart, and she offered up a silent prayer. When she spun around, one kind woman had put money in the bowl while another ran to get him some water. It was a miracle in due time!

As more people crowded around the man, placing bills into his cup, a woman asked if he was feeling alright and warm. The savior, the father, had heard her powerful prayer and miraculously bestowed sanctuary on the needy soul. It might look like a minor incident, but it has a huge lesson when it comes to spirituality.

It’s said that faith can move mountains, and I believe in this saying. Prayer is our most powerful tool, so use it wisely and never let go of hope.

4. Miracles exist – Hanuman Ji’s grace

The sky split open; doomsday had come. The sky darkened. The resounding thunder not only shook the earth but pierced the souls of all who were present. The flashes of lightning were blinding; these could be seen even with eyes closed. The lightning morphed into the shape of a being. Am I daydreaming? Read the complete story – Miracles still exist today.

Have you ever been in a state where you felt like God deserted you? Feeling like everything will never work out despite how much you keep wishing things to fall in place? It would help if you drew strength and hope from somewhere else during these times.

A timeless story of a great devotee of Lord Hanuman, Sandeep is the perfect example of this. He was so impoverished that he and his entire family had to share a single bedroom and bathroom. He was almost on the brink of giving up when his mother suggested visiting a priest to seek Hanuman’s grace. Little did he know that this would be the source of a miracle.

Right before the priest’s appearance, Sandeep secured a tent and poles without money. Upon arriving at their abode, the priest asked Sandeep’s father to pray to Hunaman Ji. As the words ‘If you are here, accept me and grant me your blessings’ left their lips, a cool breeze swept through the room, bringing an air of comfort. Everyone released a collective sigh of relief in response. But that was not all; there was more to come and to be done.

The ritual’s climax involved breaking open a coconut, drenching the father in its contents. As soon as he smacked the coconut, a loud clap of thunder reverberated through the air. When the sun disappeared and it began to rain, everyone was dumbfounded. It marked a turning point in their lives, as soon after, they were able to transform their dismal situation and build a home of their own. Sandeep learned that fasting and praying are very important, and it is not money but faith in God that brings peace and happiness. Good things can happen when we take time to think, pray, and never give up on faith.

5. Vision of God saves the family

At around 4am in the morning she had a vision that Shri Vaishno Devi Ma (Hindu Goddess) woke her up saying – ‘Go open the door, I have brought your husband back home safely this time but make sure you do not let him hangout with such people ever again’. Read the complete story – Vision of God

We are all blessed with the opportunity to experience a miraculous presence in our lives. A vision of God is one of the most awe-inspiring moments we can encounter – it brings an immense sense of peace, joy, and unmistakable awareness. Visions come in many different forms, but no matter how they appear, their impact is unforgettable!

Overwhelmed with worry and despair, the Deepak family was in the midst of a major crisis; their father had not returned home from work that day. To find solace, Mrs. Deepak prayed to our father above for guidance as she laid down her head. At around four o’clock in the morning, she felt inspired by a spiritual vision that directed her to open the door – offering hope that perhaps all would eventually be well again.

Simultaneously, a loud knocking was heard, and her husband staggered into the doorway. He was dripping with blood and nearly unconscious. With assistance from other family members, they quickly brought him to the hospital, where he could be stabilized. Thankfully, his recovery followed shortly after that! That was not all, and the Lord of the Lords proved to be on their side again when they were in need of a miracle.

During a visit to the temple, tragedy struck again for the same family. The family was enamored by the breathtaking views on their first visit, prompting them to plan a second outing in 2004.

Surprisingly, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati revealed themselves to three family members during that trip; However, it only lasted for several moments, and these visions affirmed an omnipotent power who shielded them all.

When we pray, God will answer our call; we must listen and keep faith in his divine plan. This way, we get to overcome the evil set by satan. The Deepak family’s experience shows that visions can be both spiritual and powerful. Whether we are searching for answers or feeling lost in our journey, the holy Bible or Shrimad Bhagwad Gita tells us that God will provide a way out through these divine images.

6. The divine help – chanting Gayatri Mantra

At first, Dhimahi was at loss for words. She was crying, not out of sorrow or fear, but out of relief. She had just experienced a miracle, and she wanted to express deep gratitude to Mata Gayatri for that.  Read the complete story – The Divine Help

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes we feel lost, and nothing seems to work out in our favor. We may even come close to giving up on ourselves and our dreams, but then something magical can happen at the right time – an unexpected force comes into play that helps us get back on track!

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Since she was a child, Dhimahi has been devoted to Gayatri Mantra. When prompted by one of her teachers to choose something that would help reduce stress, she remembered the first thing she had ever memorized – this powerful phrase, “The Lord God will never forsake you,” which became her way of coping with difficulties later in life. Whenever she felt overwhelmed or encountered a challenging situation, she made it an ingrained habit to rely on this strategy. This method never failed her and allowed her to remain calm in facing adversity.

On a balmy night, long after the sun had set, Dhimani made her way home from work. Opting to take her usual path – one she deemed secure – she ambled along while reflecting on the day’s events. Suddenly, the air around her filled with a weird combination of tobacco and sweat-scented odors; behold, a strange man was riding a scooter uncomfortably close by.

Dhimahi became stricken with fear and felt beads of sweat trickle down her face as the man approached closer. With shaky hands, she mumbled the Gayatri Mantra in a low whisper to contain the dread slowly engulfing her entire being. A few seconds later, the man rode past Dhimahi’s spot on his scooter before coming to a halt further ahead – waiting for Dhimahi to catch up to him. If it were you, what would you have done?

Her mind raced with wild musings as she drew closer to the man. Then out of thin air came a voice that inquired if there was an issue. She realized this was her only avenue of escape and had nowhere else to go. Two boys on a bike appeared from nowhere, overtaking her and heading to the scooter man.

The two boys boldly faced off with the scooter man, who ultimately fled in fear. Dhimahi was secure once more due to the grace of Gayatri Mantra. Her guardian angel’s intervention finally allowed her to find peace! She was at a crossroads in life. However, her devotion and belief in the Almighty were the rescues that opened the gates of hope and led her to salvation.

7. Story of faith from school days

This story is my personal true Story of class 7th when I was studying in school. 

During our mid-term, we have regular practice of completing our notebook and checking it from the subject teacher.  Read the complete story – Story of faith.

Can a 12-year child believe in God? Yes, he can. Faith exists within all of us, no matter our age or background. It’s natural to feel doubt or uncertainty regarding things we don’t understand. But faith isn’t necessarily based on what we know; instead, it believes in something without tangible proof.

Faith is often seen as a magical or supernatural power that can bring miracles. While it is true that faith can change lives and bring about benefits, it’s important to remember that these changes are based on our belief in something greater than ourselves. You can trust that God will make a way when there is no way.

Here is Karan, a 12-year-old young boy in grade seven. Every mid-term, They habitually needed to finish their notebooks and have them inspected by the course instructor. To complete his books, Ketan would often borrow notes from Karan. Then the boys began to collaborate and share their resources daily; they shared each other’s notes regularly.

Just before the day of submission for our Hindi project arrived, Ketan returned all Karan notes back. When Karan went to present his work, he abruptly recognized that his notes were absent and requested if it would be possible for him to hand them in the next day.

His Hindi teacher admonished him, forcing him to rush home after school in search of the notes frantically. Unfortunately, he examined everywhere without success and then phoned his friend, who insisted that he had returned them. Forgiveness was out of the question at the moment if his friend still had the book. The family searched in vain for the book, leaving him with no choice but to turn his hope toward a miraculous prayer.

For almost an hour, the boy knelt as he prayed fervently. Suddenly, a sound echoed from his refrigerator and an inner prompting stirred within him to investigate. To his surprise, there lay his Hindi book that had tumbled off one of its shelves! Just like that, by the grace of God, his faith had brought about a miracle, and he could present his work on time.

This calls for all of us to know that miracles happen when we believe and trust in Him. It shows that sometimes, it’s not our efforts that bring about the desired result but rather our faith in God.

When faced with seemingly impossible situations, we can always rely on our faith in the holy spirit to help us. He will never abandon us and always be there for us in need. So let’s hold on to our faith and trust that miracles happen when we put our faith in God since he is the king of kings.

8. Unshakable faith saves the mother

“My mother’s life is in danger. The doctor said that only God can save her now. I once saw my mother purchase God from the Market. But I have just 1 ₹ so give me God of that 1 ₹.”

Read the complete story – Unshakable Faith

Faith and prayer are essential for any believer as it strengthens our relationship with God. It helps us to trust in His promises, no matter how long the wait or difficult the journey may be.

When we have unshakable faith, even if life throws a curveball at us, we can take comfort in knowing that God is always there and has the best plan for us. This is not determined by age, race, or gender. But by the strength of our faith and trust in Him.

How is that so? Let me narrate a story of faith and miracle that will take you on the journey of a seven-year-old boy who walked around town, visiting every chemist he could find in search of God for only 1 Rupee.

He approached each storekeeper and asked, ‘Uncle! Please give me God of a single rupee. Most just laughed at him, while some scolded him, telling the young lad they only sold medicines. With his own heavy heart and an empty pocket, his quest to obtain divine knowledge was unfulfilled as his mother lay ill in hospital.

Despite the odds, the young lad persisted and knocked on door after door until eventually reaching a compassionate shopkeeper who empathized with his plight. With a heavy but sacred heart, he opted to pay heed to the child; his mother’s life was at stake, and only God could rescue her. But there was an issue – the boy only possessed one rupee and sought out a deity of that price point.

The shopkeeper was moved and kindly gifted the boy one of the many divine sculptures, all for only 1 Rupee. The boy’s faith and prayers were like a beacon of hope, eventually leading to an incredible healing miracle for the mother.

Although she could not cover the medical costs, they were paid in full. What a financial miracle! Touched by this act of mercy, the shopkeeper wanted to show love and kindness in service of their Lord, so he decided to help both mother and son. Such things don’t just happen, and it was only thanks to the unwavering faith of the young boy that such a beautiful miracle occurred.

This story exemplifies the power of unshakable faith and its ability to help us overcome any obstacle. No matter how bad things may seem, prayers can be answered in miraculous ways if we keep our faith strong. So, never give up because faith will always be rewarded when accurate and honest in Jesus’ name.

Does prayer change things?

If there’s a God, do you have to do everything yourself? What is His role? Did He send us to earth to struggle and toil with no help from Him? God is the finest artist, and we derive greater strength when we pray to our Lord Jesus Christ.

But why do we pray? What is prayer? Prayer is a way of self-purifying, gaining inner strength, and becoming worthy of God’s grace. Most of all, it is the ideal way to connect, thank, and be with him. Grace is His way of showing that He is there and hears all your prayers, and His time is the best.

So, why doesn’t He answer our prayers? Grace is not always getting what you want or desire. It is experiencing what is suitable for you, getting the strength to overcome hurdles, sail through the lows, and be grateful during the highs. A prayer in the right spirit can transform you.

Faith in God – your experiences

Believers in Lord Jesus Christ or Lord Krishna or Kuran-e-Sharif, come from all walks of life and generally fall into three distinct categories of faith.

The hopper

This category is for the restless type, who believes that if one belief system has no answers to his questions, then another does. He is searching for peace, jumping from one system to another, and not trying to identify the problem. The hopper is looking for an easy fix and wants to change things without letting go.

The prisoner

The prisoner is more stable, and his faith depends on his internal and external state. He is a captive of someone’s belief. Most people are prisoners of their belief systems and are afraid of venturing outside. These are the believers living by the rules passed on to them.

The pet

The pet is the opposite of the hopper, and he stays in one place in his body, soul, and spirit. He finds his answers and sticks to a belief system characterized by love, conviction, and compassion. He finds joy in sighting and interacting with his master.

Faith is a higher form of belief, and when held on, it can perform miracles.

Grace of God

The incredible grace of God is a wondrous thing, and Raghu Swami can bear witness to this. Thirty-three years ago, at the tender age of 7, his father could not pay rent or any other bills due to 6 months without a salary.

Despite the dire circumstances, faith lay in wait – ready for its chance to show what miracles are truly capable of achieving.

With their savings depleted, the family faced disconnection of their electricity and no funds left to buy oil or candles. Their kitchen was filled with empty vessels since they had nothing set aside in reserves. Moreover, there wasn’t a single penny for them to tap into as a nest egg.

Raghu and his elder brother chose to attend an important religious event on a fine Sunday morning. As they walked along their way, a man hurried past them with haste. There lay ahead on the road an enormous amount of money that intrigued the brothers – without hesitation or second thought, both of them quickly took it for themselves before resuming their journey towards the occasion.

Upon their arrival, after having a hearty meal, they counted the cash and were astounded to see that it totaled 1,500 rupees! Dashing off to the nearby grocery store, they purchased enough supplies for everyone in the family so no one had to worry about going hungry. Their mouths widened with joy at this unexpected blessing!

After a week, Raghu’s Father finally had his six months’ salary in hand. He immediately gathered his family and took 1,500 Rupees from the total amount to donate to the temple’s donation box with Raghu. Since then, they all praised God’s name.

This incredible tale is evidence that the universe knows what it’s doing and works magic to ensure the right person finds their way at the right moment. Nature never lets us down! More so, not a single moment in questioning its perfection or doubting His grace; instead, allow faith to lead your way. Everything happens for a reason, and we must have the courage to trust that God knows best and will answer.

Power of prayers and grace of God

The Grace of God is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s up to us to make the most of it. Prayer can bring peace and joy into our lives if we do it with faith.

Through prayer, we can connect with God and receive His divine grace.

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, as it will help you heal and find the inner strength to face any situation life throws your way. Through prayer, you can receive the grace of God and experience true joy and peace. So, let us pray with faith, as we never know when God may answer our prayers.