“God will never forsake you.”

Those words of her mother reverberated in Dhimahi’s ears as she ran up the stairs, panting and sweating, and stopped only in front of a tiny temple of Mata Gayatri that her mother had kept in Dhimahi’s room. At first, Dhimahi was at loss for words. She was crying, not out of sorrow or fear, but out of relief. She had just experienced a miracle, and she wanted to express deep gratitude to Mata Gayatri for that.  

Years ago, a teacher had told Dhimahi that everyone should choose one mantra to recite during times of distress for their overall mental and spiritual benefit. Growing up in a religious family, Dhimahi had chosen the first mantra that she had ever learned – the powerful and simple Gayatri Mantra (Do you know Gayatri Mantra in which Veda?).

Over a period of time, Dhimahi had formed a habit to recite the Gayatri Mantra whenever she faced any kind of difficulty or anxiety. It always worked. But what happened that evening made such a deep impression on her mind that she decided to share it with the world via this blog post.

It was after 11 pm when Dhimahi(21 then) was returning from work. She used to work as a content writer for an American app and used to cycle to and from work. Even though it was late at night, the route that she used to commute was pretty safe, it was one of the main roads of Ahmedabad, not a small gully of any kind. She had just left her office building and was cycling merrily, thinking about her day’s work, when suddenly, the strong stench of tobacco and sweat filled her nostrils. She looked to her side to see a strange man driving rather close to her in a scooter, ogling at her. Dhimahi’s heartbeats quickened. As it was after 11 pm, there was no one else on the huge road. She increased her cycling pace. The man, however, was in a scooter. He caught up with her and gestured towards her to pull over to the side and hop in with him on his scooter. A scared Dhimahi started sweating. She immediately started doing a mental jap of Gayatri Mantra fervently: ‘Om Bhurbhuvaswaha Tatsavitur Varneniyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhioyonaah Prachodayat’. She continued cycling while reciting the Gayatri Mantra under her breath. She couldn’t even yell for help, since there were no other vehicles or humans in the entire length and breadth of that road! The man overtook her, and as if to wait for Dhimahi, parked his scooter a little further down the road, confident that the girl will come with him. A chill ran through Dhimahi’s spine, and she got so scared that all her senses stopped working, except the constant Gayatri Mantra japa. There was no other exit that Dhimahi could have taken, the only exit was where the man was now standing, waiting for her. As she approached the man, with her heart beating wildly, Dhimahi focused her entire concentration on the Gayatri japa even as crazy thoughts flopped around her head wildly. She didn’t know how will she pass through him. Will he try to stop her? Will he try to force him on her? Will she be raped? What will become of her?

And then it happened. Dhimahi suddenly heard a kind voice next to her asking in Gujarati, ‘Sister, is there a problem?’ Dhimahi looked at the source: right next to her, out of literally nowhere, were two boys on a bike. The question was asked by the one driving! Dhimahi’s throat was choked out of nervousness, all she did was look at the scooter-man who was now fast approaching. The other boy asked in Gujarati, ‘Is this man bothering you?’ Dhimahi nodded, still reciting the Gayatri mantra under her breath! The two chivalrous boys overtook Dhimahi and went to the scooter man. Dhimahi couldn’t hear what the two of them told the man angrily, but the man immediately hopped on his scooter and ran off without so much as a glance toward Dhimahi.

           And Dhimahi was safe again, just like that! It was so difficult for her to digest what had just happened. The boys on the bike caught up with her, and one of them asked kindly where she stayed! Finally finding her voice, Dhimahi told them. The boys asked Dhimahi to cycle ahead, as they escorted her safely to her home! Before she could stop to thank the boys, they drove off on their bike into the darkness of the night, not waiting even for a ‘thank you.’

            Dhimahi sobbed with relief and gratitude as she narrated the entire incident to the beautiful idol of Mata Gayatri who sat smiling gracefully. Of course, She knew! The Divine, Kind Mother, indeed, will never forsake you.