Namaskaar everyone, 
As a followup of my previous post, I would like to tell our community the two real life miracles happened which turned me into a believer of higher consciousness—
  1. I was probably 10-12 years old at that time (in mid 90’s) and was living in a small town Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. I had developed this ugly looking wart right in front of my chin. My parents tried all kinds of home remedies and tricks which they could think of (they even tried cutting it from a horse’s hair as someone advised this, lol). It had been months now and there was no sign of getting it cured. One of our neighbour uncle who was a close friend of my father (we called them Sardarji because he was Sikh) suggested to just make a wish to Gurdwara Nanak Mata Sahib (Nanakmatta, a Sikh pilgrimage site in Uttrakhand) and make a commitment to visit there once my wart is cured. Mysteriously, within a few days, it disappeared completely. There were no scars left. Could it be a coincidence ? probably. 
  2. Fast forward to 2015, our daughter was around 2.5 years old now. Unlike other kids of her age, she didn’t develop the skill of chewing any food. She used to swallow all types of food which was given to her. Obviously, this made her mommy and daddy feel sad as we had no clue what was wrong with her and what we could do to make her chew the food. I still remember that day when we were sitting in the hotel room on a vacation in Munnar, I discussed with my wife and we both had a wish by keeping Nanakmatta in our prayer. Again miraculously within a week, our daughter proactively asked for a pista and started chewing it (we didn’t even offer the pista to her). She never had the chewing issue again. Could it be a coincidence again ? definitely no. 

I strongly believe that these incidences were not just random incidents but were meant to happen to experience and change our path of spirituality. My wart, our daughter’s chewing skills, sardar uncle they all had a part to play which was meant to change our perspective towards life forever. 

There is something magical in Nanakmatta. It is believed that whenever someone’s wish is fulfilled, he is supposed to visit there and donate a packet of salt and broom to the Gurudwara. 

Picture Reference: The featured image is of the sacred Peepal tree in Nanakmatta, which has it’s own history