“Uncle! Please give me God of 1 ₹” A 7 year old small boy, wearing torn and dusty clothes went to a pharmacy shop. 

“What? God? We only sell Medicines we don’t sell God here, now get lost” The shop owner rebuked him badly. 

The boy went to next shop, but again of no use. 

He went many shops, but not even a person listened him. 

The boy was not ready to gave up. 

He kept going shop to shop. 

And finally reached a enough considerate shop owner. 

“Uncle! Please give me God of 1 ₹.” The boy said

“Son! What’ll you do with that God?” The shopkeeper asked. 

“My mother’s life is in danger. Doctor said that only God can save her now. I once saw my mother purchased God from Maket. But I have just 1 ₹ so, give me God of that 1 ₹.”

The shopkeeper was doing something, but his lines made him stop and just think deeply. 

He had many sculpture of different God. He gave him one of those to the boy. Although there were costly but still he took just 1 ₹ from the boy and asked him to God to his mother. 

By boy’s continues prayers, her mother saved but when she received bill she was shocked. 

The Bill amount was 470000 ₹. It was beyond her capabilities. 

As she was about to say, “She doesn’t have that much money”

The receptionist gave her a letter. 

“Don’t worry, I paid your bill. You don’t need to Thank me.

Yes! You can definitely be Thankful to your innocent son, who had unshakeable trust and faith, that God will definitely save his mother.

It’s just God’s grace that he came to my shop to purchase God in 1 ₹, and gave me chance to show my love and compassion in service of God. Whatever I’ve earned till now, all because of God. So, it’s my duty to spend it in God’s service.”

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