To date I have been writing on topics in a somewhat fragmented manner. I covered what I felt was important based on my own experiences and my interactions with others. I understand the need to tie them together using a common theme. It has been on my mind to document my core philosophy and related practices.

I welcome anyone to follow the path of self transformation as I shall be outlining over the course of several weeks and see the results for themselves. A serious and sincere attempt will meet priceless rewards. You will begin to get glimpses into your true nature. And when that happens, your motivation to go right to the end will flourish automatically.

My original plan was to write a book on what I call The Yoga of Self Transformation. However, it may be a while before that materializes. So, I have decided to write a series of articles that may ultimately take the form of a book. Over the next few months, maybe six or eight, I shall lead you by hand exposing you to the following:

My philosophy

There are two ways to tread the path of self transformation. The first is to absorb the core philosophy and adopt the practices if the doctrine makes sense to you. The second is to carry out the practices first and see the truth of the thesis unfold subsequently. From my perspective, it is paramount that I first introduce you to the base teachings. The probability of success will increase multifold if you are aware of the path before you start treading it.

In introducing you to the core philosophy, I may be drawing on information from my previous posts. It may not be without substantiation with quotes from various texts. The following key topics will be covered as part of the core modules:

  1. The nature of the mind
  2. Why self transformation
  3. The practice of self transformation

The path of self transformation as I see it

I feel it becomes easy to chart a course to arrive at the destination when you know your point of origin. Therefore, in propounding the path of self transformation, we will start with self analysis. After going through self analysis, you will know where you stand and you can tweak the practices accordingly.

For example, some of you may already be in fitter bodies than others, therefore it will require a relatively less effort to tune your body. Your Self, conditioned self, is a product of several elements. It is my intention to cover such elements as individual topics. They include the following:

  1. Personality
  2. Ego
  3. Desires
  4. Fear
  5. Belief

The path of self transformation requires the individual to work, in a nonlinear fashion, at four levels, namely, moral, emotional, physical, and mental. So, covering such aspects we will go through:

  1. Moral Transformation
  2. Emotional Transformation
  3. Physical Transformation
  4. Mental Transformation

Transformation at all four levels will automatically bring about Self Transformation. The sincere seeker is bound to experience Samadhi upon successful transformation.

Core practices

Under core practices, we are going to cover yogic practices — physical and mental — of self transformation. Some of the practices may well be outlined under the appropriate transformation sections rather than documenting them separately under this section. Briefly, such practices will include:

  • The six fold system of body cleansing
  • The five fold system of body maintenance
  • The practice of concentration
  • The practice of meditation
  • The practice of relaxation
  • The practice of observing silence and solitude
  • Maintaining a journal and Self assessment


Under this section, I will cover what the signs are that you are moving towards Samadhi and what happens in actual Samadhi. Contrary to popular belief, Samadhi is not a short-lived experience. It takes time to get to Samadhi and it takes just as much time to learn to live in a state of Samadhi.

The biggest challenge is to avoid deviation; because, in the state of Samadhi, it is very easy to just be lost in bliss. After Providence grants you this supreme bliss, it becomes your duty to help others, those who seek it, experience this bliss. This is what all the major texts state and I concur unconditionally. The real work begins once you learn to live in Samadhi. Whatever your area of focus at that time you will develop an original and refreshing viewpoint.

Post Samadhi

We will go through what changes you can expect in yourself and what happens once you are firmly established in the yoga of self transformation. At the end of self transformation, you will stand self realized.

You are only seven steps away from Samadhi. Whether each step is seen as a hurdle you can hop across or a chasm you cannot cross depends on your own character and intellectual makeup.



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