Over the next few days, I will start posting articles on The Yoga of Self Transformation. In my writings, at times you may find information contradictory to what you have known to date from other texts or sources. At that juncture, I encourage you to choose from the viewpoint that helps you move forward. Eventually, everything should lead to a conclusive state of self-discovery.

Before I start sharing my thoughts with you, I would like to read out my solemn vow:

I vow to expose only what I know from first-hand experiences. For various yogic practices, I may quote from texts but it will only be those references that I have validated personally and that I can demonstrate to seekers. I am fully committed to presenting a truthful account of all that yogic practices can actually achieve.

The Yoga of Self Transformation is how I got to Samadhi. For the record, when I embarked on my spiritual journey, I did not know how long it would take me to get to my goal, just like I did not know if I would even experience it ever. After the discovery, to give a cohesive shape to my findings as well as with the intent of bringing it together, I am presenting to you the theory and practices bringing them together under the title: The Yoga of Self Transformation.

The Yoga of Self Transformation is no panacea as much as in that it is no pansophy. A sincere and persistent attempt will transform you forever though.

In line with my solemn vow, I am committed to truth above everything else. There will be no exaggerations, false or overstatements, either implied or otherwise. Consequently, the text or the experiences thereof may not sound fascinating, but you will be reading the unalloyed truth. To the uninitiated, reading various exegetical texts on yoga can be misleading and confusing as they are replete with promises of rewards one may only see after an accurate and intense effort. To dissipate the clouds of archaic and bookish knowledge I will be devoting my time to writing on the aforesaid.

The only promise I am making is if you put in the effort, you will see the results. No effort, no results. Little effort, no results still. A great effort will gain only some results. An extraordinary effort will yield outstanding results.

Streams of super-normal knowledge and bliss are natural by-products of success in the Yoga of Self Transformation.

Stay tuned.



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