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  • Speck of dust under Swamiji's holy lotus feet

  • "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda | "Rise up and vow to do something about the cause. Use your energy to not profess your love for me but to preserve, practice, and propagate the Vedas. It would mean the most to me. In fact, it’s everything to me. That’s the reason I’m still here." Om Swami | Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trivediravi/

  • I am forever learning from life and myriad experiences it brings along. The world puzzles me as much as it fills me with a sense of wonder. I cherish spending time in solitude.

  • I am offering complete surrender and devotion to my beloved Guruji. My existence is to my love Sri Hari Ji, is my Divine Ma in the form of Om Swami! 💓🙏 🙏💓 Feel free to reach out to me at sonasriom@gmail.com

  • B-school Student, reading books of Swami Ji, (👉゚ヮ゚)👉UPI ID: supportvinay@apl

  • Seeker, learning to live by my Dharma, discovering my truth, endeavouring to be a true disciple of my Guru, our Swamiji.. All but just a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

  • Ek Nazar Dekha tujhe, Jaan liya maine mujhe, Teri Ek jhalak mein, Jaan liya maine mujhe! In one glance at you, I found myself, In one glimpse of you, I realized myself. All Glories to Swamiji alone🌼🌼🌼

  • I firmly believe in what I say. And i believe that you're cherished. You are gracious. You are valuable and gorgeous.

  • A servant. A survivor. An eternal student. Born, raised, lived and learned in London, England. Now, by the Grace of my Guru, Om Swami ji, I am an evolving monk living in the Himalayan hills. I don't know very much, but life has given me one incredible roller-coaster of a ride. Perhaps my ramblings may be of some interest to you, thank you for reading them. With His Grace, Jai Sri Hari! 🙏🏻 🙂 ❤️

  • जो मैं नहीं हूँ...., तो क्यूँ हूँ .... और जो हूँ...., तो क्या हूँ ....

  • Teacher Entrepreneur Homemaker Mother Searching for my true purpose in life

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