Vinay's writings

2w ago

Om Swami Ji’s Day-maximizing Method.

This Easy-To-Implement approach can help you make the most of your day.

3mo ago

Swami Ji’s Personal Journal for Meditation

A new way of journaling for meditation

3mo ago

A Curious Question on God’s Power ⛮

If God is so powerful, why don't he liberate all at once.

3mo ago

How to Use Pranayama to Enhance Your...

"Get into the flow with these 3 Kriyas from Swami ji"

3mo ago

When, Why, and How to Forgive

Buddha's night Routine on forgivness: How to find peace by forgiving yourself and others

6mo ago

Sadhana App Marketing in 10 Minutes

And how we can do it very easily...

8mo ago

You Don’t Have To Be A Big...

Learning Compassion and kindness from Disciple of Swami Ji

8mo ago

Sayings of Om Swami

Simple Quotes of Swami Ji that can make our life Better