3mo ago

My Macro Habit for January 2023

Drowning yet living in Ma's Sahasranamas

5mo ago

Part 2 – My 16 Day Sri...

The Bridge and The During...

9mo ago

A Small Gift for you

A few Practices for you to Watch and Perform from Home on International Yoga...

10mo ago

Is Our Life a Reality or a...

Where spirituality and science meet the dead end

5mo ago

A Story that’ll Remain with You Forever

May we have enough love in our hearts to be God to some Meredith...

1 year ago

Naiharwa by Sant Kabir Presented in a...

Dedicated to the Lotus Feet of Swamiji

1 year ago

Singing the Glories of Sri Ram .....

आप में ही आपका  आप से ही आपका 

1 year ago

A Poem That Has My Heart

Brought alive by Swamiji's own recitation