Jai Sri Hari all,

I chanced upon this brilliant representation of Kabir’s Doha, Naiharwa and could only see myself in the girl and Swamiji as the Guru who she surrenders to. Fully aware that this is produced by Sounds of Isha, from the Isha Yoga centre of Sadhguru, I still share it here after careful consideration coz even though they present their own Guru at the end of the video, for me I could only see my Om Swamiji and his lotus feet at the end and  wept tears of surrender.

This Doha has had many renditions, this being my favorite. I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that art and music have no boundaries and should be appreciated regardless the source they come from.

Having said, I do apologize if sharing this hurts anyone’s sentiments and is against the Editorial policies here. Happy to take this post down if asked.

Attaching the video link here.


My Favorite verse:

Bin satguru apno nahi koi apno nahi koi
ko yaha raah batave ko yaha raah batave
kahat kabira suno bhai sadho suno bhai sadho
sapne me priytam aave sapne me priyatam aave

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