Hello and Namaste to all the wonderful people who’re here on this post today 🙂

Hope you’re smiling and finding that balance between daily life hustles and some moments of peace, solitute and introspection.

When we’re in the thick of things its so easy to loose perspective of how fleeting our time on this planet is and how the clock is ticking away. There are so many situations we’re put through at times that seem so heavy that we struggle to push through, and yet again there are so many other times when we feel exhilarated with happiness, love, peace and beauty that this world has to offer.

However, if we care to take a few moments and zoom out of our situation, far far out.. none of this actually seem to hold any value in the larger context of time and space. Yet, it all seems so real in the moment.

I wanted to share the following video today just as a reminder to the insignificance of our life compared to our universal address. So while we’re here lets laugh a little more, help a little more, do what we truly want to do and let not the opinions of people weigh us down.

Its tremendously interesting if you think about our situation deeply. Does it make sense, or does it not? Is there a meaning to it all, or it’s all in randomness? Is this all real, or is it all a dream? Either one or the other is true, or may be even both, in parallel universes who knows! 🙂 our tiny brains can never understand or grasp the magnitude of this vastness or this play of energy.

So let’s play along, take it all in humor and give it our best short 🙂 

With lots of love


PS: Hope you enjoy watching the video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tm6Z1y3h94