Wishing you all a very happy International Yoga day 🙏 on this day today, I wanted to share with you the following two videos as a small little offering from my side. 

Hope it adds value and helps you start your yoga journey.

Like Swamiji says, only in a healthy body can we perform Sadhana’s and sit in long hours of meditation or Dhayana and hopefully be able to sit in Dharana eventually.

So let’s start taking better care of your physical bodies be it by Yoga, walking, running, swimming, HIIT or a combination of all. But let’s put aside a dedicated hour each day to do so.

So here is my little push and reminder to you to start today..

Happy Practicing and getting stronger together 💪❤️🙏😊

Video 1: A few simple Yoga Asanas that you can perform safely from home.

Video 2: An Introduction video to Yoga tracing it’s significance and importance, along with some simple pranayama practices at the end..

Once again, wishing you all a very Happy International Yoga Day.

Much love,