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  • Someone who One Day saw A Lotus eyed Smiling Sage, 🌷 whose one compassionate glance burned away a 100 sins and set her free.🙂

  • A crazy cuckoo in love, singing glories of my Mother Divine; a teardrop at the pink lotus feet of my Master, a nobody, just a happy bundle of life, full of my Mother's joy who only wishes to spread loving kindness, smiles, hope and compassion around, truthfully treading the path that my Master lights in his playground. I am not a Bhakta, I am not a Gyani, I am not a worker for the Lord. These are only what I aspire to be blessed as. What am I then? A tool in the hands of my Master, a flute blown by the Divine Enchanter, a leaf driven by the breath of the Goddess - that's all the labels I would wish to identify with to introduce myself for the rest will fall off anyways.

  • Held by him under his GRACE

  • I am here to share my Truth 🌸

  • Before coming to live in New Delhi, India in the Dec of 2020, Manjula lived in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore for the past 26 years. She began her career as a school teacher and then went into exploring the world as an airline stewardess. She enjoyed finding herself as a theatre actress in Singapore. During her long 20 years of stay in Singapore, she actively championed the cause of cancer patients and worked voluntarily at the Hospice Care Association. Raised as a staunch Roman Catholic, she married into Sikhism and has two beautiful daughters who currently work in the US. She now loves to travel and follows her beloved GuruDev Om Swami.

  • A part of Supersoul✨

  • os.me Samurai for Anecdote and Poem 'I dream too much and I don't write enough and I'm trying to find god everywhere.' - Anis Mojgani

  • A Writer, a Storyteller. Wish My Stories Outlast My Life 🙂

  • Did Higher Secondary Schooling at JUBBAL, Graduation at SOLAN and Post Graduation M.A.LL.B from H.P.U. SHIMLA.

  • Hetal Sonpal is a accomplished business leader with 21+ years in the Tech industry. He advices and mentors startups, helping them on Sales Hetal is a "Mentor of Change" for Niti Ayog and mentors school children on Innovation programs. He is also a motivational speaker and loves to write on varied topics.

  • A poet and writer at heart I am happily lost in being a dad and a family man. Curious to explore the secrets of true and meaningful relationships. While living for others with strong faith in the virtues of giving, I am a seeker in search of my own compass.

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