Rashmi's writings

2d ago

Gajar Halwa Chronicles

Memories and Musings of a Food Experience

1w ago

The First Offering

The song that Vivekananda sang for Ma Kali

2w ago

Go, Fly a Kite

Life Lesson From a Kite Flying Session

3w ago

Gitanjali: Song 26

When the divine comes will you know?

1mo ago

Gitanjali: Song 25

When the day comes to die..

2mo ago

A Silent Fool

A fool is not foolish..

2mo ago

The Eternal Yogi Called Om Swami

A bhajan offering on his birthday

2mo ago

The Monk and the Dancing Girl

The Divine Arrives When the time is Just Right

2mo ago

Buying and Selling Gods

Transactions with the divine in Songs and Poems

2mo ago

The Return of the Singer

How silence and solitude deepened the practice of a music maestro