He gets tired— of talking, meeting, smiling, and comforting.

He gets tired of saying the same things over and over.

Simplifying them to a degree where they assimilate like glucose in the bloodstream.

He gets tired of reassuring that he is present in his absence.

That he is listening when all appears chaotic.

He gets tired

Just like you and me.



He never gets tired of love, compassion, laughter and grace.

That flow from him like the waters of the tired but ever benevolent Ganges.

Take care, Swami 

(I did not intend to write this paragraph at all but the platform is forcing me to adhere to the 150-word limit. So let me think. Let’s spare a thought and offer gratitude to all the heads, hearts and hands that are working at the Ashram, and with various programmes and platforms—all the endeavours that make us the kindest community. Someone said at the Ashram jokingly ‘if one person is asking for help, ten people from our spiritual family will run to help. We have to after all meet our “random acts of kindness” goal’. He has guided us towards such a wonderful way of living life. Indebted for everything, Swami. And, I am happy that this postscript took birth.