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    Sri Hari's child, learning to live in surrender and love, holding my beloved Swamiji's hand as He leads me to Him.

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    मेरा समर्पण जुगुनू की तरह है जैसे घोर अंधियारी में फैलते -सिकुड़ते उसके अंदर रोशनी के नन्हे कण, पर मेरा अस्तित्व पूर्णतः उनकी कृपा का उत्पाद है। ॐ स्वामी नमो नमः⚛️❤️❤️🌺🌺👏👏👏👏

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    On a journey.

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    Ashwin Rajaram Om

    Living one day at a time

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    Mitesh Om

    ~ Om SwamiJi's disciple ~ llउनका जीवन मैं होना ही वरदान हैll

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    Susmita Das

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    Deepak Nair Om

    Software professional with life experiences across three different continents.

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    I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, father to 3 little kids, and a disciple of Om Swami. Like many of my guru brothers and sisters around the world, I'm in the process of lighting my lamp and am relishing the spiritual journey.

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    Kunal Lunawat

    His boy. As a VC, I invest in and help build technology companies. Here to get and share love.

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    Mahamaya Chatterjee

    Speck of dust under Swami's holy lotus feet

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    Sudhagar S

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    Pankaj Om

    I take great pride and responsibility in being a disciple of one of the rarest being to grace this earth His Holiness Shrimaan Om Swami. His Name is my real identity and His color orche is colour of my soul. Om shree matrey namah.

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    Akshat Sharma

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    Giridhar Sathyanarayana

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    Sanjib Om

    Through diversities of life I see myself untying knots that are holding me from absolute freedom. Always at the holy feet of SriHari and Swamiji.

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    Sunil Om

    I am Sunil Om, a disciple of swamiji.

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    She smiles.

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