10mo ago

The Artist’s Way

Looking for a suitable partner/partners....😉

11mo ago

Catharsis Part 3

I slowly began falling out of 'love.'

12mo ago

Chronicles of Depression Part 4

"Don't worry Gauri" #writing prompt by @medhashri #writewithosdotme

12mo ago

Stream of Consciousness

Trying to be in the mind of a shopkeeper of a small grocery store....

12mo ago

Short Story Using Writing Tools.

There were blood stains on her clothes! #writewithosdotme

12mo ago

3 Takeaways from Write to Mindfulness Workshop

Unblocking #writewithosdotme

12mo ago

Help Please! Or Do I Just Need...

I suffer from lack of discipline..and... Restless Leg syndrome

12mo ago

Catharsis Part 2

My best friend was lying there in a coffin..

12mo ago

Catharsis (part 1)

All hell broke loose when I moved in with my sister after her marriage...

1 year ago

Chronicles of Depression Part 3

The darkness seemed to envelope me..#writewithosdotme

1 year ago

Mind O Mind, What Art Thou?

Inciting a feeling of intense anxiety in my heart is it first weapon.. #writewithosdotme

1 year ago


Abecedarian #writewithosdotme

1 year ago

A Nightmare Unfolds

I had run out of the house barefoot #writewithosdotme

1 year ago

Depression Chronicles Part 2.. Theatre of the...

Babaji was dressed in shabby clothes which were apparently taken off a dead body!!!!