I, a flower on a forest tree, looked down at the ground beneath me,
How I longed to be at the feet of my Master, my whole world you see!
The sounds of the water startled me
as it thundered and roared down the tree,
My friends around me jumped in to be taken downstream to be free,
We had talked about how we wished we could see,
More of the world, to explore.
I held on thinking i still have time to decide if i was sure,
the flood waters weren’t safe after all I feared,
Maybe I should jump too like my friends who loved adventure,
but what if I end up in the wrong place,
What if I ruin my future,
What if i don’t enjoy the ride,
Maybe I should wait a little , what if what if ,what if, i thought and thought.
I weighed all the pros and cons,
And all the thoughts and confusion my mind brought,
i felt reaasured I hadn’t taken the step, so naively I consoled myself.
Until I got a little message from a beautiful butterfly, who had just visited my friends,
And guess where they were,
They were now adorning the lotus feet of none other than my Divine Lord ..
Perplexed I asked how,
The stream, said the butterfly, that had now dried up, beneath my mother tree,
Had somehow made its way to my lords lotus feet..
I hoped another stream, another flood another chance would come by someday.
But alas I just withered away.