Are you feeling low, lifeless, empty or purposeless? Then let me tell you a magic trick to uplift you instantly!

Try and show your kindness to someone. Be generous to someone: let it be a little bird that perched on your window pane, or perhaps a poor dog scavenging through the garbage, or even a little insect looking for scraps of food!


Showing kindness opens up our heart and we feel much lighter and free. If you are suffering from the feeling of worthlessness or feeling that life is of no use, then go make your presence felt-  make a sweet difference in someone else’s life! Just as Swamiji says that kindness is not only about materially giving something, but that even a word of love or a compliment to someone feeling low may be equally wonderful. 

Just the other night, during dinner, when I was feeling agitated and empty, feeding a dog uplifted my spirits so much that I could not go to sleep because of the happiness I felt.

Let yourself be filled with kindness, let kindness flow through you from head to toe, overflowing, and experience the amazing happiness that springs from it!

(P.S. I am currently in high school and cannot afford the membership.. So sorry for not being able to read your lovely comments..)

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