Right from when I was in my late twenties I was always inclined towards animal welfare. My acts of kindness began and ended for animals exclusively. I somehow thought that animals were getting a raw deal and no one thought about them. And I stubbornly held on to my belief
Very slowly over the years I started doing a little bit of work for humans as well.
But then come 2019, my Guruji, who we all agree is God himself walking on earth, came into my life. My life?? Really?? I was a walking talking disaster with having committed every possible mistake and full of flaws
How did I get so lucky?? No clue.
I still feel it’s just one slip up He’s made. 🙂 He was meant to appear in someone else’s life but here now He is in mine. 🙂 🙂 And I’m never letting go of Him. Ever.
But I digressed, forgive me. I tend to go into raptures when I think of my Lord.
After His advent in my life I dived in and started doing RAKs for humans as much and as many as I could.
But this one I’m about to share really made me understand that all the RAKs I do are actually done by Him through me. I offer them all at your lotus feet my Lord.
A month ago my hired help told me about this 10 yr boy (who’s picture I have posted) who is suffering from a condition call Aplastic anemia which is life threatening. The only way to save his life is to perform a procedure called a Bone marrow transplant. This boys sister’s bone marrow was found compatible.
But the hitch was they need 8.5 lakh of rupees so that the procedure could be started. The municipal hospital they went to, was willing to give them 4 lakhs. The boys family had to come up with the remaining 4.
They are people who live below the poverty line. With Herculean effort they managed to collect 2.50 lakhs from the village they came from.
Now the remaining 1.5lakhs was the issue. When I came to know of this problem they were facing, my heart sank. A 10 yr old boys life was at stake.
I thought of my Guruji and I decided to give it my best shot.
I made up a WhatsApp message and asked as many people as I could for help, starting with myself.
And magically one friend, just like that,wrote a cheque of Rs 1lakh and the remaining 40k was given by another friend.
And the amount was ready just like that. I then handed it over to the boy’s father. They were so relieved that they could now atleast be able to give him a chance to live.
How can an amount of a lakh and a half be collected in a matter of 2 days so easily. It’s only my Guruji’s grace. So all the RAKs I do and have done I offer at your lotus feet Prabhu.
Guruji, I have posted the picture of the boy because I know you will see it and bless him.

PS:: Guruji, I have no words to express my guilt at meeting you in November last year for initiation, thinking that oh He looks tired, but not asking You why? Is everything ok? Just greedily taking from you. You were going through such a difficult time. Guruji please take care of yourself. Koti koti pranam.

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