A love of this kind
So overpowering and kind
That it moves my mind
My stubborn mind
My rigid mind
My trickster mind
Into surrender everytime,
Oh Swami I met you one day
With a million questions in my head
I stood speechless, rooted to the spot, instead.
No words could i find
Until you lovingly smiled
From that second your love came pouring out to me
And my Lord it hasn’t ever stopped amazing me
Oh Swami how You eased my troubles away
With your never ending grace
and magic had a new meaning for me since that day
Such selfless love cannot come from a human I know
and suddenly one day I just knew the secret of Your being.
You are a God
Who has come down for us mere mortals
How I wonder did we get so lucky to be able to see you..
What a time to be born
Oh What a time to be born
Oh how blessed we are to be born when You are here among us, Oh Swami.








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