A super soul like you is born once in a million centuries Oh Swami,

You have toiled day and night for us, burnt the midnight oil,

Given us all the knowledge you have on a platter,

I have no words to express my eternal gratitude Oh Swami.

You are a shining light on Earth

Your light is so immense it can light up the three worlds

Though you are the Supreme soul

You took birth as a human to bless us all,

Oh the treasure you have given for the generations to come,

It’s a feat of huge magnitude, It will be  a beacon for everyone. 

Oh Swami, You put your soft hand on my head,

You gave a lowly being like me, hope!!

You even let me touch your holy feet, Oh Swami.

Though I err a million times, you forgive with your gentle smile..

Your kindness is limitless,

We’re witnessing history which will never be forgotten,

Oh Swami thank you for letting us be a part of your divine journey.

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