Words fall short
Tears well up
Time stands still 
Even a single thought of You
Sends waves of bliss to my soul,
Something stirs within
Something so familiar and yet so unknown..
Oh Swami are you for real?
With your smiling face you enter the room,
And suddenly I can feel the ground at your feet come alive.
My jabbering mind goes silent
Gaze fixed at you,
I can’t even feel myself
It’s the sweetest surrender ever
Oh Swami are you for real? 
How all encompassing is your love 
How loving is your gaze 
How inclusive can you be
How kind is your manner..
Now the word God has a new meaning for me
The miracles keep happening everyday 
Oh how do I explain
To the folks around me who don’t understand
Oh how can they not see what I see,
The light in your eyes is divine.
Oh Swami, are you for real?
I feel lighter than before,
And happy and secure 
And yet i have this burning desire 
To run up the mountains 
And catch a glimpse of You 
Oh to see hear your kind and gentle words, 
To see your soft robe flowing as you walk 
Your sparkling eyes, Your disarming smile.
A will to live, a reason to smile, a million rays of hope, 
My heart has never felt 
This feeling before
That my soul surely knows ..
Oh Swami are you for real?


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