It is getting cold again in Delhi. Let me correct that. It’s getting chilly again. As a result, I didn’t want to step out of the warmth of the cosy quilt, this morning. And that was the beginning of the end of my day.

I didn’t leave the bed when I should have. The kids didn’t go to school.

And, if you are one or you know one, you know that’s the beginning of the end of the day for the parents. Just kidding… If you are like Rajesh Kodukula, you’d be acing the flags flashcard. You’ll know what I mean once you read the listed posts.

It is a privilege to be reading your lovely, heart-warming blogs on this beautiful, albeit nippy, morning.

Shiva’s piece on being mindful of negative thoughts has made me more aware of my own. You aren’t the only one who flows towards unkind thoughts and words. I do, too, at the slightest inconvenience. And I confess, I haven’t been able to have even a few hours with only a positive innerscape.

Priya’s laptop disappearing act made me chuckle because, sis, I relate! Sowmya’s ode to Patchaiamma is moving and emotionally rewarding.

Oh! Let me not keep you from enjoying these lovely reads. Go ahead, read these and tell me what keeps you warm on difficult days besides the quilt and a cuppa.

Transformative Ideas

The Vanished Laptop: Priya Nayar has three laptops: 1) A new personal laptop, 2) A work laptop, 3) An old laptop. On that particular day, she couldn’t find her new laptop. Her maid and her husband (on a video call) tried to help her locate it. At the end of that eventful morning, she found only two laptops but an important lesson and then some. 

Be the Source of Goodness: Here’s Rashmi Ramanathan sharing an incident from her childhood that encouraged her to be the goodness in the world. She starts with a beautiful story that she got as a forward on WhatsApp messenger.

Lord Shiva and Narada: Once, Narada meditated for a significant amount of time at the same place where Lord Shiva had meditated earlier. The results Narada got were terrific. He went about boasting. Akshay Om Iyer gleaned two important lessons from Narad’s interaction with Shiva. These lessons must be applied to our daily interactions. 

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming: Shiva Om Dixit has decided to be kinder and more compassionate in 2023. Twenty-four days through, and she givse an update on her progress, but so far, 100% fail. She says there hasn’t been a single day when she has been kind and compassionate the entire day. As a reader of her kind confession, one could tell that she is more mindful and truthful of her thoughts than an average person, so no surprise that she thinks she hasn’t spent a day with zero negative thoughts. This blog is as entertaining as illuminating.

The Goddess Annapoorani Incarnate!Sowmya’s blog was all the warmth I needed on a cold Delhi morning. She writes a tribute to the frail and happy woman, Patchaiamma, who delivered her lunchbox to her all the years she was studying MBBS at her college. The two had developed a bond. Years later, when Patchaiamma appears on her doorstep again, it moves Sowmya. 

Pushkar Temple: Vastu consultant Jayshree Om takes up many corners and aspects of the sacred Brahma Temple Pushkar in Rajasthan and offers her insight from a Vastu point of view. Many pointers for those the Vastu enthusiast. 

The Outcome of Deep Practice with Kids: Kids or no kids, read this blog either way. Rajesh Kodukula has trained his daughter, Advaita, to recognise the flags of 80 countries in about a month. He credits Deep Practice for this feat. In this blog, he lays down the basics of Deep Practice, relates his own attempt at it, and offers pointers for efficient learning and productivity. 

My Biggest Regret: A graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and the University of California at Irvine, Zack Om Bazarnick bagged a job at the coveted PricewaterhouseCoopers. As he looks back, it surfaces as one of his biggest regrets. Why? The imposter syndrome. 

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Wisdom from Om Swami

How to Overcome Negativity: We get so stressed due to an incident or a person that we become negative. No matter how hard we try to forgive and forget, we can’t always do so. Enter spiritual leader Om Swami! He shares an actual technique that one can adopt, like administering first-aid, with the readers to address such situations. 

What’s in Your Wallet: A wallet can reveal a lot about you. But before you unravel yourself, read the compelling story at the blog’s beginning. Spiritual leader Om Swami delivers a lifetime of wisdom in a few words.

Alright then, it’s time for you to tell me what’s your go-to for some warmth. Meanwhile, I am spending a quality day with my babes, read ordering food, watching Luca, and just chilling.

Until next…

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