This is the final discourse of the six in the series on Bhaj Govindam.

गेयं गीता नाम सहस्रं ध्येयं श्रीपति रूपमजस्रम्। नेयं सज्जन सङ्गे चित्तं देयं दीनजनाय च वित्तम् ॥27॥
 Chant the holy names. Sing His glories. Associate with the noble and give to the needy.

सुखतः क्रियते रामाभोगः पश्चाद्धन्त शरीरे रोगः। यद्यपि लोके मरणं शरणं तदपि न मुञ्चति पापाचरणम् ॥28॥
Your body that you use for deriving pleasure is going to be diseased one day. Ultimately, Death is going to be the refuge, why still engage in immoral and sinful conduct.

अर्थंमनर्थम् भावय नित्यं नास्ति ततः सुखलेशः सत्यम्। पुत्रादपि धनभजाम् भीतिः सर्वत्रैषा विहिता रीतिः ॥29॥
All material things are the seeds of misery. Reflect on it. The more you have the greater the fear of losing. Universally, the rich are afraid of even their own.

प्राणायामं प्रत्याहारं नित्यानित्य विवेकविचारम्। जाप्यसमेत समाधिविधानं कुर्ववधानं महदवधानम् ॥30॥
Reflect on the illusory nature of this world. Regulate your breath, food and engagement with the world carefully. Merge in Him with an ever present and alert mind.

गुरुचरणाम्बुज निर्भर भक्तः संसारादचिराद्भव मुक्तः। सेन्द्रियमानस नियमादेवं द्रक्ष्यसि निज हृदयस्थं देवम् ॥32॥
Take refuge in your Guru’s lotus feet and be liberated. With restrained senses and a still mind, your Ishta, your lord, is going to shine forth in full glory in your very heart.



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