Here is a video discourse for you in Hindi on Dana. Below is a brief translation of the narrative:

Krishna instructs Arjuna on the charity of three types.
  • First, the one that is sātvika, the one done in the mode of goodness,
  • Second, rājasī,  performed in the mode of passion and
  • Third, tāmasī, the one done in the mode of ignorance.

With sātvika charity, one moves towards liberation, with rājasī, one gets attachment and with tāmasī, one does not experience bliss. This is the fundamental nature of the three modes of material nature. The first one liberates, the other ties and the third one causes the decline.

The giving that is done without any expectations, for the welfare of the other person, the one that is given after considering the moment, need and recipient, such charity is called sātvika.

dātavyamiti yatdānaṁ diyētē anupakāriṇē।
dēśē kālē ca pātrē ca tatdānam sātvikaṁ smrtam।।(Bhagavad Gita, 17.20)

It is my duty to do charity, I am grateful to be able to do this act of philanthropy; alms given with such sentiments, without any expectations, is the giving of the highest type.

However, such a charity must be performed after considering your own position as well as the necessity and genuineness of the recipient. You may also want to read – a random act of kindness.