The River of Life

When you learn to flow with life, it becomes a beautiful and blissful journey.

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What Type of a Meditator are You?

Rewards of meditation are directly proportional to the intensity and quality of your practice....

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Nine Stages of Attaining Bliss

From a turbulent and restless mind to the calm-abiding mind, there are nine stages...

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The Meaning of Samadhi

What is samadhi, really? Is it a state of emptiness or a state of...

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The Karmic Trail and Psychic Imprints

Any action you perform or any thought you pursue leaves an imprint on the...

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The Conditioning of the Mind: A King among the Cattle

Your true nature is pure bliss, but you've forgotten yourself because of your societal...

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Life is Like…The Four Seasons

The various colors and phases of life make it what it is — beautiful...

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