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    Rishi Sridhar

    Poet. Motivational Blogger. YouTube Content Creator.

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    Singer | Songwriter | Performer | Poet | Devotee

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    Bridge player and software developer.

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    Ashok Dhawan

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    Ravi Om Trivedi

    On a journey from Somebody to Nobody. Love, Live, Laugh, Give. "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda.

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    Manjari Shah

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    Deepak Sharma

    Doctor and teacher by profession, seeker by heart.

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    Move Your Spirit

    Ex-flight attendant, aspiring yogini. Mother of four, I love to pray, meditate, mantra chant, write, Hindu mythology, and all things yoga- not necessarily in this order. Thanks for being here.

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    Sakshi Varma

    A part of Supersoul✨

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    My mind knows who am I but I want to experience the same at my Heart level.

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