Anubhav's writings

2mo ago

Shiv Panchakshara – Chant with Translation

Immerse yourself in the true form of Shiva

5mo ago

When I ALMOST Lost Everything!!


6mo ago

BHARAT or INDIA – The Big Question

Rise above the colonial mindset imposed upon you and seize what is yours with...

6mo ago

The Grace Of Ganga: A Responsibility

Ganga is Dying. It needs our help. Are you willing to bring the change?

6mo ago

The Five Elements of Creation

Understanding the basis of all creation in a simplified manner.

6mo ago

Unhealthy Relationships: What You Need is In...

Are you "The Handler" or "The Dangler" in a Relationship?

6mo ago

4 Little Things That Enhance the Quality...

Learn 4 little practices to incorporate in your daily practice to significantly improve the...

7mo ago

Ashtanga Yoga : A Guide to the...

Learn about the 8 limbs of Yoga described in the Yoga-sutras as the “ultimate...

6mo ago

Nine Forms of Devotion Explained (Navdha Bhakti)

Learn about the nine forms of devotion that make one "divine."

7mo ago

5 Powerful Habits That (If Applied) Can...

Ever wondered what differentiates the best from the rest?

7mo ago

How to Control Your Thoughts During Meditation

Learn the simplest way to control the rush of your thoughts while meditating.

7mo ago

Happiness: A Yogic Perspective on Discovering True...

Learn About the Four Pillars of Unhappiness and Ending Suffering Through Good Karma.