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    "I am learning to love, just starting to crawl."

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    Arunima Ojha

    I am a student ,a fourteen year old a girl with an extremely sweet tooth, a Baker at times, a bibliophile , an ambivert , a devotee and an aspiring scientist.

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    Divya Vanshika

    A seeker in search of my own truth... a corporate slave struggling to break free . Sharing myself with the world through astrology, music and writing. Hoping to receive the grace of my master

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    Supriya Patnaik

    A tiny speck in the gigantic cosmos

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    Ria R

    A writer (hopefully) and a finance worker. That's unlikely mixed, eh? I learn the lesson of life from you. https://bit.ly/ria_blog

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    Meera George

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    Subbu is who I am, Gurusharan is who I want to be. Right now it seems like a long arduous path, but who knows!!! If Grace allows, I might get there in the blink of an eye.

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    Balaji Niranjan

    Explorer,Pilot,Teacher,Meditator,Environmentalist,Marathon runner,Book lover. But wise enough to know that all the above are mere labels. Best one is that i am a student at the lotus feet of Swamiji

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    Happy to interact: peace.kindness.love.empathy@gmail.com

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    Sangita Patel

    Starving for knowledge and eager to transform my life to God's highest will.

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    Anushka OM

    In the Light of our Divine Guru, walking on the path that will lead to Ultimate. Living in contentment of Divine Grace. || Namo Narayan || An Engineer , an Author, Spiritual Healer and a Social Worker are few of the hats I wear while operating in the world.

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    Raghu Om Nagaraj

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    Vijay Singh

    Trying to find my true nature

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    Abhi Om


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    I am a work in progress. Trying to unlearn & learn at the same time. Lucky to be part of this existence & working on sharing that luck where possible. If that's confusing - you understand me well :).

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    Kaivalya Lal

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