Pankaj's writings


My date with the Divine

Master, Your Love-1!!

Come Home- A Love song !!

Master, Your Grace – 21!!

किराए की अध्यात्मिकता !!

Master Your Grace-20

मेरे हमनफ़स, मेरे हमनवा, मुझे दोस्त बनके दग़ा न दे ||

Master, Your Grace – 19!!

Across the river Giri Ganga, Lied his answers.

A Lyrical Hug -2

ऐसी लागि लगन मीरा हो गयी मगन वो तो गली-गली हरी गुण गाने लगी!!!!

Master, Your Grace – 17!!

How do I describe my master ?

Master, Your Grace – 16!!

कभी किसी को मुकम्मल जहाँ नहीं मिलता

Master, Your Grace – 15!!

To the True Master!!

Master, Your Grace – 14!!

Love, Longing and Unspoken Words..

Master, Your Grace – 13!!

To the sovereign empress of three citadels!!

Master, Your Grace – 12!!

Longing is the homing beacon from the beyond: Krishna Das

Master, Your Grace – 11!!

A song on Devotion and Love for these troubled times !!

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