It starts with you
It will end with you
The story of my life.

All that I have
Is yours.
Where do I go without you?

In your love
In your longing
I have completely lost myself.
My desires were in worldly pleasures
Now it is not the same
Every time I sought the pleasures of
Flesh and gold
I came back to where I began.
Happiness left me
My dreams were also shattered
You were not with me.

Someone asks my heart
What it went through?
Does someone ask a dying lamp how it feels?
In the river of longing
There are a thousand waves
I have drowned in one of  them
I will not come out.
All the roads have ended at your holy abode
I can’t go on.

The whole day
I spend in your thoughts
In every moment
Your face resonates in my eyes.
In joy and sadness
You are my Hope
Whenever I needed you
You were always there.

I will never be able to forget
The words that were spoken and left unspoken.

You are the one !!
That’s all I know
Nothing can ever
Take that away from me.
The flame that burns in my heart
Lighted by your fire
Will ever remain alive
Even if I may not.!!



Call me to your abode
When this world unlocks and unmasks
Where only your love exists!!

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