O Divine Mother,
How do I Describe my Master?
Many People ask me
Who is he?
How does he look?

Shall I say
Moon look face
Sun-like radiance
Twinkling Stars like eyes
Riverlike smile
A Himalayan hill like gaze
An Ocean of Compassion
A Bundle of love
O Divine Mother
How do I Describe my Master?

O Divine Mother,
Whom do I describe?
What the pain of longing has done to me?
My master’s love smolder’s within me
I wear his smile
I carry his name
When I stroke the fire
He has lit in my heart
My soul burns saffron.

O Divine Mother,
What do I present him in the offering?
My bread is baked in lust
My curry is dripping in desires
My rice is as sticky as greed
My sweetmeat is bitter of envy
How polluted is my plate, O mother?
How do I present this to him?

I kindle my offering in
firewood of my sighs.
I Kindle my offerings in
firewood of my tears.

O Divine Mother,
How do I Describe my Master?

Without you, my heart knows no happiness, Now nothing can dry my tears


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