Beloved Divine Mother
Be my Breath
Be my Sound
Be my Voice
Here you are
counting me as a mere devotee,
While I consider you as my life itself,
This feels nothing
But short of a betrayal.

Beloved Divine Mother
Be my Blemish
Be my Calamity
Be my Grief
Be my Loss
Be my Light
Be my Brightness
Be my Illumination
Your Love has brought me
to the brink of a beautiful Death,
Don’t, oh please don’t say that I stay well.

Beloved Divine Mother
Be my Kindness
Be my Favour
Be my Felicitation
Be my Praise
It’s true in your love
that my heart burns,
But the light of my burning heart
is the only light I know
I am also afraid that your
Love may put it out
and shroud my inner world in a dark shadow.

Beloved Divine Mother
Be my Conviction
Be my Decision
Be my Fortitude
Be my Resolve
My Sankalpa is very strong,
But I do
fear the intentions of
an enemy from inside
But I am, equally terrified that
my garden will burn to the ground
by your indifference.

Beloved Divine Mother
Here I am
Holding a heart full of  love
in your eternal wait.
Where are you O Goddess?
Come quick before someone else raises their hand
to accept this coveted offering.

I fear that this heart full of love
which is, was, will rightfully eternally be yours
My desires might put a hand on it.

ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुंडायै विच्चे