The grace of my guru
has outweighed my sins
That is the only cause of my great sinfulness.
Great though my sins
His kindness is greater still
Which I have seen and experienced
in the past 7 years.

In the affairs of the world
He has solved problems of many
Relived many of their
sadness and grief
In return, he got love and faith
and I gave away my heart.

I also know you too are
behind a mystical veil
Something beyond my rational mind.
Come out of the veil
Let me touch your feet once
and I so wish
If u can pull my cheeks.

Many men feel happy over material gains,
Some feel happy over spiritual ones
Guru, Relive me of the Both.
What lies in gaining again, anyway.
Coz, nothing matters eventually.
Teach me to love you
That’s what my heart desires.

Come out of the veil and be visible.

Thematically inspired by Armenian Mystic Sarmad Kashani .

His works can be read here

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