A 23-year-old lad,
consumed in his desires & ambitions,
carried a million thoughts & a million questions.

Fumbling through the newspaper “The Hindu”,
he saw a smiling Monk
the article titled “The CEO Monk”
struck a chord.
Is he Buddha?
Is he Vishnu?
One word struck lad’s big-head
from Vishnu Sahasranaam

His questions were answered
One video a time
One blog at a time.

Questions galore like,

What is God?
What is Soul?
What is Life?
What is Death?
What is Truth?
What is Lie?
What is Gain?
What is Loss?
What is Trance?
What is Dream?
What is Thought?
What is Rise?
What is Decline?
What is Joy?
What is Regret?
What is Beyond?
What is Existence?
What is Annihilation?
A darn million questions, literally.

Across the river, Giri Ganga lied his answers.
perhaps a heart longing for the union?
a raging storm of love
about to beckon.

O clay-pot his heart
yearned to seek the master.
the very sight of the beautiful beloved master
his greatest pilgrimage
don’t let me drown midway, O Master!
his only prayer.

Just as  weak as a clay pot
the night was dark
the tide was high
the lad didn’t drown
by the river
he swam across with no questions and a gift.

A pandora box!!

His answers lied in the master’s eyes.
His answers lied in the master’s smile.
His answers lied in the master’s love.

Or, perhaps the questioning mind was absolved,

Who knows??

My obeisance to Swamiji and greetings to all the Guru brother and sisters across the globe on upcoming blessed day of Guru Poornima.

ऊँ गं गुरुवे नमः।। 

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