Ever smiling
Ever gracious
Full of laugh
Full of love
Chirping like a sparrow
Humming like a bee
The epitome of a giver.

From South Ex to Punjab
Full-on swag
Tall, Fair, pretty and
Her rotis are round
Her blogs leave funny bones unbound.

A daughter
A devotee
A homemaker
Mrs. Bean for some
A perfect matchmaker.

As informed as Narad Muni
Carrying kundalis of many
As devoted as Meera
In love with her Giridhar Gopal.

Devoted in her Relief Work.
Across AIIMS through Khichdi Seva
Making even the Guru Proud
Her jokes are firework
Her stories are endless
Her fables beyond Imagination.

Like a sister to many
Famously known as Maa
Adored by all
Whether big or small.
Quick in making friends
Whether through
Whatsapp or call.

An undying spirit
As if drunk on the alcoholic spirit
High on her
Guru’s love
Writing her first name in small
Followed by her master’s in large
A proof of Surrender
Like Meera had for Giridhar Gopal.

Guess who ? 

I will gift a cookie to all correct guessers😁

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