Slowly, slowly at nights
ever so quietly come over
On some distant star
At the request of the moon
The lovely fairies
Gently sway your cradle
Lovely fireflies and birds
Weave you dreams
And keep telling your sleepy eyes
Fall asleep
Drift away into your dreams.

Dear sleep, dear sleep,
Somewhere far in the stars
Across the milky way galaxies
In Twilight Moon’s directions, she lives
In a Red Dot.
I’ve given my heart to her
An uncaring beloved Woman!
To the sovereign empress of three citadels!!
I’ve given my heart – alas!
I’ve given my heart
I’ve given my heart to an uncaring beloved!
To the sovereign empress of three citadels!!

Shah Husain, the lowly beggar, says
This world is temporary
We must die
And leave it ultimately
In the end
We are concerned with the divine alone.

Dear sleep, Dear sleep,
Oh sleep, come fill my eyes
So that I may dream of
My uncaring beloved woman!
The one who lives in a Red Dot
So that I may dream of,
The Sovereign empress of three citadels!!

P.S. Shah Hussain a Sufi poet says

“Kahe husain faqeer nimaana

Dunya chhor aakhar mar jaana

Aurak kam allaah de naal

Nyoon la liya be Parwaah de naal”

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