Pari's writings

2w ago

Illustration of the Divine Brahman

A monk's pictorial to illustrate Brahman

3w ago

Sadhana – The Immortality App

Fear of Death & The Power of Mantra chanting

1mo ago

Sharing Spiritual Experiences?

wisdom from Swami Vivekananda's Disciple

1mo ago

Sri Suktam Sadhana

The Prelude - Man transpires,God conspires!

1mo ago

Sri Suktam Sadhana

Sankalpa, Sattvic food & Sadhana

5mo ago

Vedic Language

The most ancient and the source of all Languages!

5mo ago


Only men can; Women can't!

5mo ago

The Divine Sale

The biggest sale on earth happening right now!

5mo ago


Space time continum - The infinite loop

6mo ago


The ultimate energy source

6mo ago

Illusions – 4

The dog's tail

7mo ago


virtual reality [VR] & cosmic reality [CR]