I live in a small town called Mettupalayam, on the foothills of Nilgiri mountains, which is 35kms from Coimbatore. It was 1985, Diwali celebrations had started. We were building our new home few streets across the Nilgiri main road. My mom, along with the maids had gone to see the house which was under construction.

Half an hour after they left, I suddenly decided I’ll also go and see the house. I was 9 years old then. I came down to the main road, which had busy traffic, alone. My eyes were glued to the small guns hung in the fire cracker shop on the opposite side of the main road. Thinking I would ask my mom to buy me one, I stepped ahead to cross the road, BANG! A military truck on its way to Ooty (Ooty has a military defence base in Wellington) hit me hard on the forehead. I clearly remember it even now.

I was standing in front of the truck and witnessed my own body flying  away from myself in the air and hitting the wall of the shop on the side. I was dead. I don’t know what happened, maybe an angel packed my soul back into my body after considering it was not my time yet. Next thing I remember, two people were taking me in an auto to my dad nearby who gave me five stitches.

Everyone who witnessed the accident wondered how I got away with just a small scar near the eyebrow with such high impact, for the truck was moving fast with traffic. It was my fault, I looked to the left on the opposite traffic but did not turn right. The driver was very scared and came back to check on me a week later on his way back from Ooty.

Well, the reason I am narrating this incident is that last week I saw Disney’s animated movie, Soul. A bored musical teacher who accidentally dies and lands in heaven and how he gets his body back and starts a meaningful second life. He finds out how new souls come to earth. How angels guide the new and the old souls to get an earth pass, only those who are eager or want to experience the earthly life would get it.

It’s taken so beautifully that it will lighten up anyone who is stressed and will bring a smile. There is unlimited humour and unlimited philosophy packed in one. It’s a true delight to anyone with a spiritual bent of mind. In one scene Joe says to the angel, “I need to find my spark, I haven’t found my purpose.” The angel replies, “What spark? What purpose? You humans are so basic.” I laughed my heart out.

The movie is well in consonance with Om Swami’s philosophy, ‘Live, Laugh, Give’. Go, watch it with family and kids, it will lift your spirits and might make you fly. You would want to live every moment of your life fully.

I was dead. It was an accident. Maybe it was not meant to happen. I don’t know. We think no one is watching us. May be not. We are always under the radar of the divine, each and everyone of us. This movie shows you how. We are here with a physical body with five senses to experience the beauty of the divine’s beautiful physical dimension. That’s it, rest all is irrelevant.

If you are a breadwinner, trying hard to make ends meet, go watch this movie, it will lighten up your burden.

If you are a homemaker, trying hard to keep your family together, go watch this movie, it will instil peace in you.

If you are a youth, trying hard to find a purpose, go watch this movie, you will know where and how to look for it.

If you are confused, lost without any hope, go watch this movie, you will want to dance and sing every moment of your life.

Whatever you are and whatever you wanted to do, go watch this movie, it’s worth it.

Be Free!

Jai Maa