“How about we do a 3 day Gayatri Sadhana 10 rounds of japa with sankalpa, avoiding onion & garlic. We will do it same time everyday, as stated by Om Swami?”, my elder brother asked me. I told him, “Bro, I don’t want to start a saas-bahu war💣 at home over onion and garlic”. My brother stays with his family nearby, whereas I stay together as joint family with parents. “I’ll do it  at the same time and day as yours but without sankalpa and with onion, garlic” I replied. I didn’t have to think twice as I knew the repercussions when it came to matters of food and kitchen,  My Mother’s utterance is the final dictum👸. It’s her kingdom and it’s better to be flexible with the sadhana rather than utensils rattling around during my sadhana😅.

My brother gifted a Maa Gayatri Devi photo for the sadhana  when he ordered one for himself online.Never did I anticipate that Gayatri Japa consumes so much of energy and mindfulness to complete. In a way it reflects the level of purity and truthfulness of the sadhaka. It took 3.5 hrs from 5.30am to 9 am to complete 10 rounds of Japa. Like a voltage tripper, my mind kept shutting down into a kind of sleep or inertia after every one chant of the mantra. Not to mention the immense body pain and restlessness during chanting and afterwards as well for the whole 3 days ( It’s the onion- garlic effect maybe 😉) . So to successfully complete and to avoid sleep, I kept my focus with eyes open on the photo of Maa Gayatri Devi and completed my Japa. Felt elated after 3 days for successfully completing the sadhana.

Next day, during my routine morning meditation, the image of Maa Gayatri in the photo frame kept recurring in my mind. More than her image, the halo behind her and the mantra within the halo kept knocking into my head while in meditation. The pic below will give an idea: 

(You can zoom in, if you want to see clearly😁).

Usually, my meditation routine will involve my initiated mantra, which I repeat as I imagine the deity of the mantra  seated in the heart region. During the japa or while focusing on the image, my mind would get drifted with thoughts and events slowly towards sleep. But this time the image of the halo and the Gayatri  mantra within it kept infiltrating into my mind space as I did my sadhana. 

💥An insight flashed into my mind spontaneously, ” Why don’t I do the chant as if I am seated inside the spherical light, with the mantra permeating the entire halo?”. It’s like instead of chanting the mantra inside my mind/heart region, I am seated inside the orb of the mantra and I am filled with the mantra and it’s energy engulfing my entire body. How a Gulab jamun is soaked in syrup😋, the mantra with it’s energy soaking my mind, body with it’s spherical ball of energy.

For the past couple of months, as I did my japa everyday. I would imagine that I am seated inside a ball of dazzling light energy  with the mantra at the center and I try to focus my mind, body to be at the center of the  of light energy. The outcome is that my mind strayed very less. I was able to prolong the visulalization of the mantra/deity both at the center of the spherical light of energy filled with radiance and efflugence emanating from the mantra.

In this way, I found this method easy and elevating that I could do japam, visualization of the mantra and at the same time being mindful as well. Hence the name ‘Fusion meditation’. The drifting of the mind reduced considerably and I am still following this method ever since I did the Gayatri sadhana. It’s too early to infer any positive results based on the above method of meditation. (I did the 3 day sadhana two months before).

— That’s  a pictorial representation of ‘Fusion Meditation’ 🙂.