There’s always the curiosity in me to know more about Death and afterlife. The exact reason being, “Is there anything more relevant than Death?” Yeah, to live a fulfilling, joyous life with the dictum of Live, Laugh, Love and Give is one which I totally agree to. A little knowledge about what’s on the other side will make our life less stressful and less anxious, I believe. For instance, the rat race that almost everyone, whether one likes it or not has to endure to prove oneself to others or to settle with a roof and food on the plate takes so much effort and stress. That’s because, maybe we are unaware and ignorant of the entire dimension of Life itself. Maybe, when we have a little more intellectual clarity about death, it will help us de-stress and re-plan our priorities, to live a wholesome life.


The following two videos did lighten my heart and  it did bring a smile, that we are not alone in this life as well as in the next. Do watch it and enlighten yourself and lighten your heart!

Both are talks from Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji’s  interview with his followers, I am sure os.meians will love it too. It is in youtube.


video 1 The unseen beings.


video 2 What happens when you die?