My daughter is down with sore throat and fever though she’s happy not to attend school, so also my niece and nephew.




The ‘sage of kanchi’ – Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati also known as ‘Mahaperiyava’  lived for a healthy 99years. Whenever devotees came to him for advice regarding illness or sickness, he would ask them to recite or listen to ‘Indrakshi Stotram’. I read this in a Tamil magazine which writes about the sage’s history with anecdotes and also in youtube by his followers.


Like our beloved Swamiji, he also was a karunamoorthy filled with ocean of love, compassion and devoted his life to establish Sanatana Dharma. He would ask everyone to write ‘Ram’ nama in notebook and would give silver coin in return for it. He advised everyone to recite Gayatri Mantra as many times as possible. 


The link for  Indrakshi Stotram is here. I found the pronunciation in the video very good to listen to. When one listens, one cannot fail to admire the way the ancients have encompassed fever from all kinds to be relieved. In phalasruti, Narayana says one will be relieved from all kinds of ailments and restores well being and longevity.

Once, the Sage of Kanchi himself was down with fever and he was murmuring something. When his attendant asked him. He said, “I am reciting the Narayaneeyam,  it is a mantra to be recited for well being”. He would advice his devotees too to recite the same. The mantra is taken from the book ‘Narayaneeyam’ with english translation from Ramakrishna math. It is the 13th verse in the book. It’s given below:



The kids have  taken the necessary medication. On their behalf I am reciting the narayaneeyam mantra and listening to Indrakshi Stotram. 


Jai Maa!!!