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  • If you want, you can email me at [redacted]. That is one of the happiest pic i have of myself.

  • A part of Supersoul✨

  • "They alone live who live for others" Swami Vivekananda | "Rise up and vow to do something about the cause. Use your energy to not profess your love for me but to preserve, practice, and propagate the Vedas. It would mean the most to me. In fact, it’s everything to me. That’s the reason I’m still here." Om Swami | Linkedin:

  • My mind knows who am I but I want to experience the same at my Heart level.

  • Speck of dust under Swamiji's holy lotus feet

  • Bridge player and software developer.

  • Stay even, this too shall pass 😊

  • Sri Hari's child, learning to live in surrender and love, holding my beloved Swamiji's hand as He leads me to Him.

  • In Love With Mother Divine

  • I am a balloon,full of love... flowing in Her consciousness.(Shavi is not my real name,I am a boy..DOB-Nov,1998)

  • To dissolve into the perfume of Love on the Journey back Home

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