Sri Devi's Writings

Sri Chakra-Raja

Translation of a beautiful song by the revered Sage Agastya

Progressive Fun of the Mother Nature

Imagine if we could be like the Divine Mother Nature!

Wisdom Tidbit: RAKs

Make a RAK Pledge today

Wisdom Tidbit: Never Argue

Avoiding arguments is an art

The Skill of Bhakti for Awakening

Like meditation, Bhakti is a skill that can be learned.

The Sadhana of Therapeutic Writing

Writing structured content is Sadhana or emotional therapy.

Walking with Krishna

Krishna's universal path of compassion

My Purpose in Sanatana Dharma

A quick intro to Sanatana Dharma at the onset of my cause.

The True Spirit of Os[dot]me

Promoting negativity is a severe offense.

Ardha Nareeshvara, The Union of the Divine

A summary of the ancient sages' wisdom.

My Truth: Think for Yourself

Individual-Centric View: It's all about your happiness.

Nava Durga Sadhana

My experiences from a Navratri Devi Sadhana suggested by Swami.

We Live in a Comical World!

Capturing life's laughs through GuruToons Comics.